The Eisenhower Method for Prioritizing Tasks

We are all bombarded with the distractions of sights, sounds, people, and too many tasks on a daily basis. This often gets in the way of our productivity and creativity. How can we handle it?

Why You Should Track Your Habits

Habit tracking is becoming a new norm for many people – a way for them to successfully incorporate good habits into their lives – and keep them going for a long time to come.

How to Design a Weekly Review

When we’re in the thick of it working hard to reach our goals or getting that to-do list complete it can be way too easy to lose site of the big picture. A great time to reflect is during your monthly review, but why wait till the end of the month to get clarity and refocus?

Improve Your Focus With the Pomodoro Technique

“Big problems are rarely solved with big solutions” from Switch by Chip & Dan Heath. This quote seemed too good to be true. Can simple solutions really be that effective? When it comes to the Pomodoro Technique I’d say most definitely.

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