About Us

We believe that building a systems-focused business creates space to show up as your best, creative self.

We understand the feeling of drowning in the constant demands of running a business.

Our vision is to help creative entrepreneurs move with purpose and build a business they love.

We’ve helped over 100 overworked, creative professionals reign in the chaos by streamlining their business operations.

Who We are

Mynt Planning is a small team of business operations specialists who have a soft spot for creative industries. We're on a mission to help small creative agencies design scalable systems and cultivate teams that seek joy in their work.

We do this through one-off projects, fractional operations support, and consulting services.

🤓 Fun Fact: We LOVE to learn different programs and tools and have a bad (or good?) habit of collecting certifications.

Certified in:
✓ Monday.com ✓ ClickUp ✓ Notion

Ready to work with us?

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Meet the Founder

👋 Hello! I'm Valentina, the founder of Mynt Planning.

Throughout my time as a music educator, I couldn't shake the urge to learn about project management apps, automation, design, and all of those "nerdy" topics.

I spent countless hours playing around with software and apps I didn't have a use for... I just wanted to learn how they worked!

Thank goodness I never stopped learning.

Life circumstances, in addition to the stress of the classroom, worsened my chronic health issues. I came to terms with the fact that it was unsustainable. I needed a flexible job ASAP that would allow me to focus on lifestyle changes to improve my health.

As it turns out, all of the skills I built were extremely valuable for running a business!

They allowed me to found Mynt Planning, improve my well-being, and hone my skills to become an expert in business systems and operations.

Although teaching high school felt incredibly impactful, now I get to help creatives in the next phase of their lives and guide them through turning their passions into strong, self-sustaining businesses.

Ready to Get Started?

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