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Transform your business systems through custom solutions that work for you.

Smart Systems for a Dream Business

We believe that optimizing business systems not only leads to more revenue capture and growth opportunities, it also gives business owners the power to run their company how they had dreamed. We are here to help you establish reliable systems, utilize software, and apply automations in a way that makes sense for your business and supports your goals.

Get Back To Happy

Your clunky process, disheveled inbox, and convoluted workflows are problems that will continue to hurt your business (and mental state) until you commit to fixing the source. The great news is that revamping your current systems is possible. And once you’ve got a smooth running system in place, you get to focus your energy on being the creative genius you are!


Certified Nerd

An expert in project management apps, automations, design, and organization techniques. Certified in, ClickUp, and Notion optimizations.

Software Experience

Incredible Transformations With Measurable Results

Working with Valentina was a wonderful experience. Her expertise in customizing my project management tool and transforming it into an invaluable tool for my client was a game-changer! I would work with her again and highly recommend her.
Sheila Marcello
Marketing & Product Strategy Consultant
Valentina added an invaluable layer of expertise that transformed my project management tool into a highly customized solution for our client. She helped them streamline projects and processes to realize increased efficiencies across all teams. Her level of knowledge, patience, attention to detail, and creative solutions were key in helping us take an out-of-the-box solution to the next level and successfully roll it out. She's our secret weapon, and we will be calling her again soon!
Liz Mitchum
Marketing Consultant, Big Tuna Marketing
I love working with Valentina because she was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She helped me to streamline a process that I did not have the time to figure out on my own.
Katie Koon
President, Beacon Association Management

System Optimization Packages

We offer three packages that address different levels of need and goals. If you have any questions about the packages, please email us and we will be happy to discuss which package is right for your business. The included services and pricing of each tier will depend on each client's needs. Book a discovery call to discuss your business needs and we will send a proposal.

Level Up

Covers 35 hrs of services and implementation needs to level up your current systems by optimizing workflows and utilizing automations.


Cover 50 hrs of services that focus on support materials so as your business scales you have resources available to make onboarding new members as seamless as possible.

Project Based

$750 - $1,500
Helps keep systems running and continuously improve workflows. Can include any services listed.

Maybe everything you've put into place seems clunky. That's where optimization comes in.

A systems audit would be the first step and then we would work together on a plan for optimization. These packages are for those that have some systems in place but need help utilizing their software and optimizing what’s already in place.


  • Implementation needs to level-up your current systems by optimizing workflows and utilizing automations


  • Focus on support materials so as your business scales you have resources available to make onboarding new members as seamless as possible

Installments starting at $600

Ongoing Support

Once your project is finished and things are running smoothly, the work isn't quite done. Next, you will need someone on the team to take care of new board setups, review connections to dashboards, and be confident in making changes to any template or automation setups as needed. We're here to step in on an ongoing basis to support any of the systems management needs listed in the chart.


$ 150 monthly
  • Up to 2 hrs of services
  • 48 hr or less turnaround
  • Perfect for new board setup, fixing connection issues on dashboards, or slowly developing a new template to test


$ 300 monthly
  • Priority support
  • Up to 4 hrs of services 24hr turnaround.
  • For those that have more development needs or need a faster turnaround on any requests.
  • For those that have more development needs or need a faster turnaround on any requests.

*Hours expire after 30 days regardless of package

Our Process

Phase 1: Design and Setup

Estimated Duration: 1-2 Weeks

We’ll carve out some dedicated to take a look at the current state of your business so we can understand how to address your pain points and help you reach your ultimate goals.

There will be a lot of specific questions to make sure we understand the ins and outs of your business. Even if there are no workflows written out, we will review your current processes and workflows.

After we have a solid understanding of your needs, we’ll create a robust system that can include standard operation procedures (SOP), documented processes, and integration with project management software. After the system is approved, we move on to implementation.


Phase 2: Implementation

Estimated Duration: 3-4 Weeks

Next we’ll have some fun and start doing live tests! This phase also includes team training and video walk-throughs as needed. (If included in your package selection.)

We spend the next couple of weeks trying out the systems and making adjustments as soon as possible. During this period of time, we may have weekly meetings to work through some problems together.

As we go along, we’ll build automations to streamline workflows across your business.

Phase 3: Formalization

Estimated Duration: 1 Week (Package 2 Only)

Now we have enough information and have done enough testing to be able to formalize everything as a SOP and processes visual with a branded Miro board.

We believe SOPs shouldn’t just be a beautiful document tucked away in the depths of your team Google Drive. We will make sure these are not only written out but are also easily accessible to your team in


Add Ons

Monthly Retainer Or Pay-As-You-Go

At this point you should be extremely proud of yourself! It took a lot of work and vulnerability as a business owner to look at what you’ve built under a microscope. The next challenge will be to keep your systems running and look out for any needed improvements, changes, or user errors. You may also want ongoing support to help set up new projects, add other teams to the software, or have someone available to support employees with this change.

To secure availability for support, we suggest purchasing these hourly support packages as a monthly retainer. This ensures we can step right in when a need arises.

However, if a retainer isn’t the right fit you can always reach out and purchase a package of hours when needed, pending availability.

Tier 1: 10 hrs $750
Tier 2: 15 hrs $1,125
Tier 3: 20 hrs $1,500


Yes! The payment options depend on the scope of the project but we offer installments starting at $600.

Absolutely. Our goal is to find solutions best for your business and having previous experience in certain software simply gives us base knowledge for further research about custom solutions.

We will use Notion to collaborate on tasks throughout the project. Any tasks that you need to complete will be assigned there.

Projects like this typically take at least 4 weeks although some projects have taken up to 10 weeks. This all depends on your needs. For example if you are signing up for systems optimization your team may need to test and refine new systems with clients at a slower pace.

Yes! All service packages come with basic training so you can navigate everything on your own or easily delegate to a team member.

After the project is done you will still need someone to help keep things running. This could be a tech VA, yourself, or we can step in with an ongoing support agreement. All services included.

If you’d prefer to sign up for ongoing systems management instead of a project we do offer retainer packages. Click here for more details.

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About The Founder

Throughout my time as a music educator, I couldn't shake the urge to learn about project management apps, automation, design, and all of those "nerdy" topics.

After getting totally burnt out from the stress in the classroom, I utilized the countless hours I spent playing around with software and apps by turning my skills into a business.

I founded Mynt Planning to help creatives in the next phase of their lives and guide them through turning their passions into strong, self-sustaining businesses.

Let’s kick your business into shape together!

Pick a package that’s right for your business to get started. Don’t know which one is for you? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find your best solution.

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