Operations Support

Signing up for ongoing support ensures we can step in right when a need arises or a problem occurs. All support options are billed in advance monthly. If you are interested in ongoing support we strongly recommend starting with one of our operational audits to give the ongoing work meaningful direction.

Operations Support

Start with one of our projects like an Operational Audit or EOS Setup and then we will step in as your fractional Operations Director and Operations Assistant. We'll take any projects or initiative recs that came out of your audit and lead the implementation.

  • Quarterly Ops Checks
  • Business operating system setup and management
  • Strategy and workshopping sessions
  • Team meetings
  • Software research and setup
  • Automation setup and management
  • SOP and process map creation
  • Training video creation
  • General systems management tasks

Tier 1 · 10 hours
$850 per month
Tier 2 · 16 hours
$1,360 per month
Tier 3 · 24 hours
$2,040 per month
Tier 4 · 30 hours
$2,550 per month
  • Review the package options above
  • Schedule a Consultation Call if you haven’t already to review your needs and receive guidance on the recommended package.
  • Let Valentina know via email when you’re ready to book!

Operations Consulting

The aim of our auditing and support services is to set you up to not need us around in your day-to-day anymore. It's a sad but also exciting time! This means you probably have a full-time operations manager, team members completing operations tasks, or your systems are running so smoothly that you only need us around in an advisory role. Either way, signing up for consulting ensures we're available to give guidance as soon as you need it.

  • 24-hour response time
  • Business Planning and Consulting
  • Two meetings per month (optional)
  • Additional SOW can be determined when booking
  • Consulting services start at a flat rate of $600 per month
  • Additional SOW requests such as required meetings will impact pricing
  • Review the pricing details above
  • Schedule a Consultation Call if you haven’t already to review your needs and receive guidance on your Scope of Work and final pricing.
  • Let Valentina know via email when you’re ready to book!

Please Note: Most clients do not start with Consulting but it is available as a standalone service if it's the best fit for your needs.


We will utilize your project management software as much as possible for transparency.

However, some projects and tasks managed mainly by the Mynt Planning team will be kept in our PM tool so we can better collaborate on the work without adding user accounts (and increased cost) to your PM tool.

Absolutely. Our goal is to find solutions best for your business and having previous experience in specific software simply gives us base knowledge for further research about custom solutions.

All onboarding details will be shared after booking, including what to bring to your kick-off or strategy session.

We only work with a certain number of clients each month to ensure quality. Our Calendly availability is kept up-to-date to ensure we don’t overbook. As long as you follow the instructions in the Booking details of each service then you’ll be good to go!

If you have a custom project in mind that could utilize our skills, schedule a Consultation Call so we can chat about your ideas for this project.

Schedule a Consultation Call where we can chat about your needs, wants, and suggest general solutions we can offer.

Let’s kick your business into shape together!

Pick an operations package that’s right for your business! Don’t know which one is for you? Let's talk through your wants, needs, and general solutions for operational blockers in your business.

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Incredible Transformations With Measurable Results

Working with Valentina was a wonderful experience. Her expertise in customizing my project management tool and transforming it into an invaluable tool for my client was a game-changer! I would work with her again and highly recommend her.
Sheila Marcello
Marketing & Product Strategy Consultant
Valentina added an invaluable layer of expertise that transformed my project management tool into a highly customized solution for our client. She helped them streamline projects and processes to realize increased efficiencies across all teams. Her level of knowledge, patience, attention to detail, and creative solutions were key in helping us take an out-of-the-box solution to the next level and successfully roll it out. She's our secret weapon, and we will be calling her again soon!
Liz Mitchum
Marketing Consultant, Big Tuna Marketing
I love working with Valentina because she was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She helped me to streamline a process that I did not have the time to figure out on my own.
Katie Koon
President, Beacon Association Management

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