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Why should I plan?

“If you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.” Greg McKeown

Taking time to plan helps you get a clear picture of your priorities. Then you can use that clear picture to outline steps and ultimately reach your personal and professional goals.

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Project management templates to kick starty our planning. Templates for ClickUp, Trello, Asana, and Notion.



Digital and printable planners designed to help entrepreneurs get the right
things done.



Get hands on support with systems management and optimization.

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What The Mynt Planning Community's Saying

Every time Valentina set up a new system she was always thinking bigger than I knew was possible. We used to have systems scattered that broke the flow when we were trying to kick butt at work, but she helped us realize it's possible to have one unified system. She even created a dashboard of charts and graphs that helps me define where our market is for future sales goals.
Meg Schlabs
Co-founder, Creative Director
Valentina was awesome to work with! She had fantastic software and tool suggestions that I had never tried. Her skills definitely shine in organization and optimizing automation. She helped me get set up with systems that are helping me stay organized, save time, and grow my business. Thank you, Valentina!
Shelby Smeltzer
Founder and Creative Director

On The Blog

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Habits vs. Routines – There is a Difference!

In our daily attempts (and in many cases, struggles!) to achieve our goals, many of us tend to put our definition of habit and routine into one murky pot. We fail to differentiate between the two, and this often leads us down the wrong path.

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Custom and Sustainable Systems

Build an efficient, systems-focused business.​

Why Mynt Planning?

Mynt Planning offers carefully curated products and services to provide you with all the skills you need to get your systems running smoothly. The goal is to unlock your creativity, build your confidence, and watch your business blossom!

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