Take control
of the chaos in
your business.

Take control of the chaos in your business.

Business operations and consulting to help you build a creative agency that’s ready for growth.

You can't build a sustainable business
with duct tape and glue.

Too many tools that do the same thing. Your team and clients are constantly confused.
You’re putting out fires all day in Slack with no time to figure out the root causes.

Sound familiar? 🤔

If you’re less than organized behind the scenes it can impact team productivity and morale but more importantly, it can affect the sustainability of your business.

You should feel IN CONTROL of your business and proud of the workplace you’ve built.

Create a strong Foundation.

We understand the feeling of drowning in the constant demands of running a business.

We’ve helped over 100 overworked, creative professionals reign in the chaos by streamlining their business operations.

And we can’t wait to help you get organized behind the scenes. We looove a good mess! 🧹

Ops Checks

No matter how big or small your team is, our auditing process uncovers any current or potential problem areas and then outlines projects to address these problems.

Ops Support

Signing up for ongoing operations support or consulting ensures we can step in right when a need arises or a problem occurs to keep your systems running smoothly.

EVA Support

Our executive virtual assistants can handle various tasks from administrative and scheduling to personal, life-admin tasks. Free up your precious time and resources.

What our Clients
Can Expect
From us


Our tech stack comparison charts save you time and money in figuring out the best tools for your needs. 🔍 We look at how you use each software, identify your needs, and give suggestions on improving your tech stack.


Visualize your workflows in our process mapping sessions so you can create a more efficient and effective way of working.

Make strategic changes quickly

Our implementation plans are strategically created to align with your company goals. They include clear timelines and action items for all improvement suggestions.

Need help with implementation? We’ve got you covered. 💪

The Mynt Blueprint


We'll talk about your needs, wants, and general solutions for any challenges you're experiencing in your business.


We'll find any issues and make a plan to fix them with personalized roadmaps so you know what you need to do and when to do it.


You'll start making smart changes that fix the real, underlying issues so we can set your business up for success.

What You Can Get Working With Us

To get all this and more...

Think it’s too early to worry about operations?

Well let's look at the physics...

Operations are your business’s foundation.

If we follow the laws of physics, everything you do is built on top of that foundation. 🏗️

Your decision or indecision to make sure you have a good foundation is already impacting your business whether you’re a team of 2 or 20.

YES – even a team of 2. 👥

The truth is you can ABSOLUTELY make things work without taking a step back and establishing a good infrastructure. We’d call this the “duct-tape-and-glue” method.

Duct tape is great. Glue mostly works.

But they won’t last long… ESPECIALLY when you hit a growth phase.  

Your tape will break and your glue won’t hold. It’s only a matter of time. 💣

The time you spend now will save endless future hours and dollars of quick fixes just to stop the bleeding.

Ready to Get Started?

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